THE OSBOURNES Rocks favourite family shrunk down to size for MTV - 2002

Time for a certain inimitable Black Sabbath front man and his family to rocket into the public eye on a television show that resembled the Simpsons in a knife-fight with the Addams family.

The Osbournes was developed for MTV as an alternative to the typical websites of the time. This interactive (sims inspired) environment allowed users to play with the main characters from the TV series, and most importantly you can get Ozzy to perform “Paranoid”. Plus the best thing the whole site fit on a 1.4MB floppy disk!

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The Osbournes won multiple awards (including a BAFTA nomination) that garnered critical acclaim from Specialmoves’ contemporaries, huge popularity amongst fans of the show, and many a kind word from the client. It’s one of those special projects that people still remember.