LECTURING, TEACHING Inspire, confuse, challenge, create & elevate

Since 2011 I’ve been lecturing at Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt in Odense, Denmark and it’s been a blast! I’ve mostly been working with the Pba E-Concept and Pba Innovation and Entrepreneurship educations bring my own personal form of playful learning into effect.

It’s also been a great opportunity to be able to reflect on and research in depth models and methods I’d used in the past years of industrial practice with specialmoves.

“Inspire, confuse, challenge, create and elevate”

The role has also enabled me to take part in multiple speaking, moderating and judging opportunities over the past four years.

Nyborg Slot Projection Mapping Project

In 2011 over a period of three week I had the opportunity to work with a small group of students to create a festive animation projected onto the side of Nyborg Slot, Denmark. Considering none of us had worked on a project of this type and size before the result was pretty awesome.