FORSKNINGENS DØGN Fab Cookie Labs, Live Operations and Fantastic Electro Bashometors

Forskningens Døgn (which translates as Research Day) is a annual nationwide Danish festival which hosts more than 400 free lectures and 200 free events. The program of the festival includes everything from great places for researchers and debates to local lectures and open house events.

Over the past three years, as part of our academy’s contribution to Forskningens Døgn we’ve created some quirky interactive experiences for the general public.

In 2012 for a medical theme we performed ‘live’ operations. We projected a 3D simulation of an operation onto the chest of our ‘patients’ (public) and pretended to perform surgery. This was sent as live feed to a monitor in our waiting room. The (un)trained doctors lost of a lot of keys that day.

2013 saw a food focus with the launch of the worlds first “fab cookie lab”. Along with designing and printing custom cookie cutters for the public on our 3D printers, our most popular installation was the self lasering cookies. Members of the public had their picture taken, which were then printed onto cookies.

The biggest cues of the event occurred when Justin Bieber face appeared on one of the cookies, demand amongst young Danish girls for these rocketed during this period!

Roll up Roll up, witness the marvellous, spectacular, electrifying, discombobulate, awe inspiring, educational impact of THE FANTASTIC ELECTROBASHOMETER

In 2014 we focused on energy with the launch of the Fantastic Electrobashometor. The Bashometor invited members of the public to test their strength by bashing a hammer onto our specially calibrated sensor.  When bashed the level of power was displayed showing the amount of power generated. This would then related to the same amount of power required to run our daily digital activities, such as uploading video, posting on facebook. The idea was to educate members of the public of the impact that our digital habits cost.